After a Heart Attack

by Libbie Johnson

Libbie has written this e-book after coping with all the frightening and frustrating experiences that occurred when her partner had a very unexpected heart attack. Libbie offers her e-book and hopes it will help those who find themselves in a similar position.
After a heart attack is not a medical site or e-book and should not be regarded as a substitute for medical advice and expertise.


Most people who have a heart attack state that it has been a life changing experience for them. This may be because they have had to radically alter their diet, because it is the catalyst to embark on all kinds of treatment for heart disease, or because it has had a deep psychological impact on them.
How it may change someone’s life depends on his or her personality, circumstances, lifestyle and so on.

After a heart attack every person becomes a heart attack ‘statistic’ but is still first and foremost a person and so each reaction will be personal and unique.
However, there may be some common themes and reactions amongst certain groups of people who have had a heart attack. This book explores some of those themes and gives a very personal insight into them.

It may well be that your experience is very different, which doesn’t make either position right or wrong, it is simply a reflection of each person’s individual reaction to things and above all, we each have the right to experience things and react to situations in our own way and we have the right to acknowledge these experiences and reactions.
So, just because things were one way for one person, does not mean that everyone feels the same way!
For that reason, this book contains information from other people who live (and love) someone who has had a heart attack or they themselves have had a heart attack.

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Libbie wrote the e-book "After a Heart Attack" to help others in a similar position and ease their path through what is a very difficult time. 

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